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Telling stories is the most powerful tool we've ever made, it allow usto grow and dream.

Your film has to tell a party of your story, it can't just be clips.

I'm Meryll,

Wedding Videographer Provence, French Riviera,

My name is Meryll de Gordon, I’m a destination wedding videographer based in Provence, France. I travel and capture what’s important to me, feelings. What could be more natural than getting to know people, filming them having in mind what makes them different? Every wedding film tells a piece of the story of this couples. I capture more than only the wedding day, because what matters happens beyond what is planned. I try to find beauty in every simple moment, filming my wedding as if they are cinema sets. Wedding Videographer Provence, French Riviera and also audiovisual trainer, I’m willing to travel to Italy, Spain, Greece, PortugalFrance, CorsicaMallorca, MarrakechThailand, Vietnam, Japan, or wherever your wedding will be. I also do corporate videos.

Weddings films with narrative

A good wedding film is not just about beautiful imagery,but a great storytelling.

We all have a story to tell. You are getting married abroad, and you want this day to be filmed to show your families and friends all that happened, because you want it to be saved, as it should be. But as a Provence Wedding Videographer, based on the French Riviera whose interests are people and what make them unique, my vision is slightly different.

Firstly, you, as a couple or individual, are unique, and you build together something singular that is your story. There is much more to show than only what happened during your wedding day. My work is going beyond what most of the couples generally expect. Have a look at this destination wedding in Italy (Tropea, Calabria), or this wedding in the French Alpes in the Journal.

Secondly, it’s just like going to the cinema at the precise moment when the hero wins the game and is exalts in the climax; but would you understand why he had to fight to win this game?

Thirdly, and most importantly, you deserve your story to be told, and you have this great opportunity to have someone do a destination wedding video for you, so why not jump on board and get a much more emotional film by telling your story? That would be a real souvenir for your families, friends, and children. My wedding videographer France packages include a storytelling work highlighting a part of your story related to your wedding.

Are you Story or Classic?

Narrative film are stories of couples told through wedding film, Classic films only reflect the wedding day, still authentic, dynamic and moving films.

Narrative film

These films incorporate a narrative, a process that allows part of the couple’s story to be told through the wedding film, using archive footage, sessions filmed before the wedding day, of course, the event itself.

Classic film

Each film is different, based on the uniqueness that represents each couple and each personality; and incorporates images from the wedding day, always with a common thread.

I truly believe in the value of every person, every couple, every madness.


Wedding Videographer Provence, French Riviera

Doing destination weddings helps us not to slip into a routine or shoot each wedding similarly. When I shoot in a brand new location like a wedding in Italy, I put all my energy into creating something really different, innovative and creative. My storytelling is undoubtedly different, I have THIS fresh vision. As if I were an adventurer, super excited to bring home new images, tell a unique story, and capture the very special trip that my couples planned.

Since my minimum travel time is 3 days, I have this insatiable desire to explore and document new places. It really enhances my creativity. I remember this nice couple Nat & Jum who had their wedding in Thailand. I spent 5 days with them and had the time to document their daily life, we got to know each other. In the end, their film was much richer in images and emotion. As a destination wedding videographer travelling the world to capture love, I can tell the way we do our job is totally different when we travel out of area.

destination vidéaste mariage provence paca

Awards, accolades, etc.

best wedding videographer award France

"Best Wedding Videographer France"

Honored to be an international winning award destination wedding videographer among many other talented souls, by some of the most important professional associations and film festivals. I strive to produce work of ever-increasing quality, these awards represent the result of passionate work and encounters with incredible people.

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I have a clearly defined cinematographic filming style. Ambient sounds, voices and music hold significant places in my work. They enrich the storytelling and reveal the depth of the emotions. Each of my destination wedding films is edited differently with a backdrop story I create as a reflection of the bond that unites my couples. None of this would be possible without taking the time to get to know my clients and knowing what defines them as a couple. Every detail counts, and when put together, they translate into video what I have in mind before shooting.

Half the time, yes, I’m a solo destination wedding videographer. I also work with one or two other second shooters when the couple preparations take place in different locations, when the number of guests is significant, or simply when the bride and groom wish for more shots from different angles. Have a look at this destination wedding in France where I was solo.

Since I love to travel, discover new cultures, new places and bring back amazing images, I have no limits for destination weddings. Nowadays, couples need to escape, create different, innovative and unbridled weddings abroad, far from the usual constraints. So I travel everywhere in the world and speak English & French. I’ve recently shot a wedding in Marrakesh, New-York, Bangkok or Costa Rica to cover beautiful weddings. I’m looking forward to travelling farther ! I’m a wedding videographer Provence and French Riviera.

I love to take the time to connect with my couples, their guests, and providers on the morning of the day of, by arriving ahead of time. This time is also precious to me so that I can locate places, choose the best angles, and anticipate the unexpected. Extra hours are not charged, because I know that your schedule is often flexible. As a destination wedding videographer, the value of my work is created on the day of, and as a result, I don’t complete a shoot without being sure I have captured the images I need.
As each couple has a story to tell, as a wedding videographer France I work on each of my projects without looking at my watch. The main thing is the quality of the result, no matter if I shoot a wedding in Italy, wedding in Spain, Greece, wedding in Thailand, Vietnam f.e. From the selection of the clips to the choice of music or the writing of stoytelling, I pay particular attention to details, because when added together, they really make all the difference.

For each of my wedding packages, I offer a collection of two films, with a unique and emotional impact: a short film, edited with the codes used in cinema: editing, color grading, storytelling, music and dynamics. This non-linear and artistic film is perfect to relive your events. There is no better format than this one to share the essentials of your beautiful day with your loved ones. A 15 min. long film, chronologically edited, mixing ambient sounds, rhythmic music and dynamic shots to dive into this day. You can watch the short wedding films here.

I offer to cover the day before and/or the brunch on the day after, all these magical moments out of the wedding are really important in my work. In addition to the short and the long film, I can edit the video of the complete ceremony, a video containing all the speeches, and I also offer additional shooters and other à la carte options.

Before you book, we have to make sure we match. I always offer my future bride and groom the opportunity to meet face-to-face, wether in person or via Skype. It allows us to get to know each other, to discuss what is important to them and what defines them as a couple. If the feeling is right, I then send all the booking details. I remain available until the wedding in order to elaborate further details.


I only book a few dates per year, focusing on quality rather than quantity. I travel everywhere, contact me for a special rate.