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Spain is becoming a favorite destination for modern couples simply because it is one of the most versatile countries. Imagine scenic backdrops, gorgeous architectures, perfectly warm weather, impeccably delicious cuisine, and islands that prove to be a haven for romantic hearts! Yet, no matter where you choose to tie the knot in this stunning land, there is a certain charm and laidback luxury that will make your wedding day unique. As a wedding videographer Spain I call tell you what makes this destination so luring for couples is the opportunity to both unwind and relax while celebrating their love. Therefore if you are planning to get married in spain, as an experienced destination wedding videographer in Spain (and a lover of this country, my family used to live there) I would love to share with you my top location recommendations and tips.

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Having a destination wedding in Spain

This cradle of the Italian unique culture and language is a paradise to tie your knot. It’s a perfect place to enjoy, relax, and make memories along the way. The stylish and romantic setting along with the delicious food, wine, and the decor pays homage to the setting. Tuscany is one of the best destinations for a wedding when you are planning a tie knot in Italy.  Whether you want to have a high-class hall in the center, a castle wedding among the woods, or a romantic candlelit wedding under the stars surrounded by the scented vineyards, this place has it all. I would love to be you wedding videographer Spain!

A wedding in Barcelona

This magnificent city is a plethora of grand gothic architecture, urban chic, and stunning beaches. Intertwining history and modernism, Barcelona offers so many stylish venues!
You can get married on a rooftop with an awe-inspiring backdrop of the cityscape; in a luxurious hotel that is in the very heart of Barcelona like the H10 Metropolitan Hotel or maybe revel in the timeless beauty of a historic castle situated along the coast like Tamarit Castle or Costal Gran. As a destination wedding videographer in Spain, this is one of my favorite locations to portray celebrations because of the unique features and incredible light that looks magical in wedding films!

A wedding in Madrid

Ahh the very heart of Spain, beating with passion and love! The best place to feel the culture and traditions, to taste the most delicious food and be enchanted by its romantic atmosphere. Like Barcelona, it has seen centuries pass and withstood the test of time – that fact alone adds to the overall grandeur. Get married in the very center of the city in an eloquent hotel like the Meliá Princesa or have a taste of rustic chic ambiance in the El Cortijo de Monico. If you wish to elevate your destination wedding in Spain, castle venues like the El Castillo de Batres can be the wow factor to enchant all of your family and friends.

A wedding in Sevilla

Sevilla has so many romantic locations that it is almost impossible to name a few. Starting from the Giralda Cathedral to the Plaza de España that has been featured in many movies! As a professional destination wedding photographer in Spain, I can say that Sevilla has one of the most luxurious places and incredible landmarks as backdrops to realize your dream celebration. Relish in the poetry of the Andalusian spirit in some of the most elegant wedding venues like the Occidental Sevilla Viapol Hotel or NH Collection Sevilla Hotel.

A wedding in Valencia

A city that has it all! From historic beauty from the Renaissance entwined with Gothic architectures to modern museums! Long beaches and vibrant nightlife will make you feel the true spirit of this land. Getting married in Spain, especially in this city, means having the time of your life in so many ways. An experience that will be appreciated by your guests with a chance to explore the profound beauty of the Spanish charm! Tie the knot in the dreamy monastery Cartuja de Ara Christi or the enchanting Casa Benigalip that embodies timeless luxury.

A wedding in Costa Brava

One of the most romantic, elegant, and stunning areas for getting married in Spain! Its pristine beaches that stretch north of Barcelona up to the French border, have long been desired by destination couples. Not only the incredible venues along the coastline or deep in the countryside will spoil you with delicious food, but the accommodation for your guests will be a one-of-a-kind experience! There are many places that offer a refined atmosphere and will perfectly complement your wedding day like Casa Anamaria, Hotel Vistabella, or La Costa Golf & Beach Resort.

Wedding in Finca la Concepción, Marbella, Malaga, Spain

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Having a wedding videographer in Spain

Local or out-of-area wedding videographer in Spain?

The main advantage of booking a destination wedding videographer in Spain is the fact that you will have a fresh perspective of what the locals might be already used to. Filming every detail with the most artful approach while visually curating your wedding chapter.

Intertwining the beauty of the location and your love story will result in the most enchanting cinematically filmed wedding video. An heirloom that will serve to be a reminder of your iconic milestone in life.

Spanish Wedding Styles according to location


Mansions, Monasteries, Villas will prove to be a host for your rustic yet luxurious wedding. Feast your eyes on nature’s landscapes while enjoying a peaceful atmosphere and the delicacies of Spanish cuisine. Venues to consider: Hacienda Albae, Finca Aldeallana and Cortijo Sabila.



Romance and the sea! The numerous hotels and villas along the Spanish coast will offer a plethora of wedding opportunities. Unparalleled golden hour moments, the sound of the waves, and a warm breeze that caresses your loving hearts. Furthermore, you can plan a destination wedding on some of Spain’s most popular islands like Tenerife, Ibiza, and Gran Canaria.

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Castles, farmhouses, and various estates are ever-popular since they offer that relaxing and intimate atmosphere in the midst of nature’s charm. Venues to consider: Monte de Cutamilla, Soto de Gracia and Fain Viejo.



The numerous historical and modern hotels in cities will be the statement to your destination wedding in Spain. Additionally, to feel the chic urban style combined with Spanish culture, choose a restaurant with spectacular views like the Restaurant Mirabé in Barcelona!

Wedding in Sevilla, Spain

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US & UK destination wedding in Spain


As a destination wedding videographer in Spain, based on my experience it is best to work with a wedding planner to sort any legalities. Usually, they vary according to areas, and planners are very familiar with them. For example, to obtain an official marriage certificate, the union must be first registered with local civil authorities. When it comes to religious ceremonies, there is no need for a second civil ceremony, and that is why many US and UK couples choose to do this kind of symbolic act while previously holding the civil marriage in their homeland.



Most of the venues are easily accessible, packed with the most comfortable luxury, and offering so many other activities you can indulge in nearby. The breathtaking landscapes and diverse culture will easily elevate your whole experience, resulting in artful cinematic wedding videography that is hard to achieve anywhere else. No matter where, you will be able to taste their culinary arts, enjoy excellent wine, and enjoy a relaxed atmosphere which is perfect for a stress-free wedding experience! The weather is so warm, which if you are from the UK will surely appreciate. Plus with a 2-hour flight, you will be able to easily arrange the trip for your guests. Additionally, you can choose to spend a whole weekend and treat your guests to more activities besides the wedding. Together you can sightsee and explore locations that you’ve never seen before!

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Wedding videographer Spain, Malaga, Sevilla, Madrid

Hey, my name is Meryll de Gordon, French and English speaking, My family is originally from Spain and lived in the north of this amazing country. There is just something beautiful and nostalgic about Spain. When I think of it, I think of blue skies, big sunshine, crystal clear seas, beautiful villages, amazing cities, food and wine!

A Spanish destination wedding in Madrid, Barcelona, Mallorca, Granada, Ibiza, Sevilla (any place is great anyway) can just be the perfect choice. You can’t be disappointed if you choose to get married in Spain.

And if you’re up to an adventure session or an engagement session, I also do destination weddings in Italy, France and Greece.

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