A Luxury wedding in Marbella, Finca la Concepción

Wedding Videographer Malaga, Spain

Wednesday / Landing in Malaga, I pick up the rental car and drive towards Marbella. 35°c.

Thursday / Lunch on the beach of Marbella, mist on the water slowly reaches the sand, which warms up under a rising, blazing sun. I shoot joggers by the sea and some passers-by at the crowded market downtown. 8pm, I have an appointment at the huge seaside residence of Aref, the groom-to-be, for a cocktail dinner that will end around 2am.

Friday / After a lunch facing the sea, I meet my 3rd shooter, Pablo, a very nice guy from Malaga. We go to the wedding venue, Finca La Concepción, where I meet Carla, a dazzling wedding planner. At the end of the afternoon, I join the bride, Tamara, and Aref for a cocktail by the sea at the very large place of Playa Padre. Fire jugglers and party time with a lunar eclipse background. Get your chill on, baby!

Saturday / I meet Antonin, my 2nd shooter. After a relaxing day, everyone takes position in different places to film the couple getting ready and their guests arriving. 10 pm, Tamara puts on her dress, then waits at her father’s side for the huge, luminous screen to open and unveil her magnificent dress in front of 350 guests. Aref could no longer hold back his emotions. A warm evening at a sublime venue decorated with thousands of flowers and streaks of dancing lights moving to the rhythm of the party. As a destination wedding videographer in Spain, I’m proud to show you the Tamara & Aref’s wedding trailer.

Wedding in Marbella, Malaga, Spain

Tamara & Aref - "For a lifetime of happiness"

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