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      From Agafay desert to Dar El Sadaka

      When I met Patricia (Pipay) and Reda last year, their story really touched me. Being a wedding videographer is certainly not just a matter of filming what happens during the day, but more knowing who are the ones I shoot. 

      Pipay grew up in a big family in Manila -Philippines. She went to Catholic schools and was raised Catholic. Reda had a more international experience growing up, born in Tangier, raised Muslim, lived in Belgium, Rotterdam, Kuala Lumpur, and finally Singapore where they finally met. 

      2 years into their relationship, they encountered a big upheaval when they learned that Pipay’s dad was diagnostiqued cancer. He passed away in less than a year, and so that period was very rocky for her emotionally. Reda was present at every step of the way, not just for her but for her family too.

      A week before Pipay’s dad passed away, Reda knew there wasn’t much time left. Later on she would come to know the story about how he was scrambling to find an engagement ring for her because he wanted to do it while her dad was still alive. Reda was on a plane to Manila with the ring in hand but by the time he landed, it was already too late… Because of this, Reda proposed to Pipay only a few months later, he wanted it to be a highlight in her year that was full of very low lows. 

      That’s when she knew he was the man to marry indeed.

      When I proposed them to document their wedding film with their story, they immediately said yes, because they know story matters.

      Trailer to come

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      Day #1 | Agafay desert – Letter reading & couple session
      Day #2 | Dar El Sadaka – Wedding day

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