A wedding at the Ritz,Paris

Wedding Videographer Paris, Ritz

Who said 2020 was a sad year? I shot the wedding of C&M at the Ritz, Paris last September, I believe me this was one of the happiest wedding of the year. This is a 1 minute trailer of this fantastic wedding at the Ritz, Paris.

Experience the real essence of forever romance in the city of love where love blooms like no other place in the world. Fulfill your desire for an elegant and luxurious wedding at Ritz Paris as you promise an unbreakable lifelong relationship with your better half.

Ritz Paris in the city of love has the unparalleled luxury and beauty that suits any kind of wedding you plan for. Whether it is a big bash party or an intimate one, you can fully rely on what this place has to offer. Choosing Ritz Paris for a wedding will make your “I do” moment unforgettable from spectacularly spacious and beautifully decorated suites.

Before planning to get married in Paris, make sure you start to know the hotel/destination worth your time and liking such as Ritz Paris. Without any further delay, let’s see what plans Ritz has to offer for your dream-like wedding.

Wedding at the Ritz Paris, France - Wedding Videographer Ritz

Clémence & Maxime - "Idle dreams"

A wedding at the Ritz, Paris

An event like no other

The Ritz Paris is one of the most luxurious and prestigious hotels in the French capital. As a wedding videographer Ritz for years, it has been considered an exceptional venue for weddings. If you dream of an unforgettable wedding in Paris, the Ritz Paris is the perfect place to make your dream come true.

The Ritz Paris offers a sumptuous setting for weddings. The hotel boasts a luxurious and elegant decor, with crystal chandeliers, magnificent tapestries, and moldings. The Salon des Fêtes, the hotel’s largest reception room, is particularly impressive with its vaulted ceilings, gilding, and majestic architecture.

In addition, the Ritz Paris has wedding menus elaborated by renowned chefs, which can be customized according to the tastes and preferences of the bride and groom. Refined dishes, made from fresh and local products, are offered to satisfy the guests’ taste buds.

The Ritz Paris also offers a wedding concierge service, which assists future newlyweds in organizing their wedding. From the choice of the reception room to the planning of the menu, through the reservation of rooms for guests, the Ritz Paris concierge service is there to help couples organize their wedding with peace of mind.

The venue offers a special wedding package including overnight stays in the hotel’s sumptuous suites, beauty treatments at the spa, and moments of relaxation in the luxurious lounges. Everything is designed so that future newlyweds can fully enjoy their honeymoon and keep unforgettable memories.

Weddings at the Ritz Paris are a real enchantment, offering a luxurious setting, refined menus, and exceptional service. As a wedding videographer Ritz I can tell you that If you are looking for an exceptional venue, a Ritz Paris wedding is undoubtedly the ideal place to make your dream come true.

I'm a wedding videographer at the ritz Paris


Honestly, there’s not a single answer to this. Weddings require every bit of your big day to be flawless. You will be treated with some of the never before experiences at Ritz Paris, either it’s your stay or the overall event.

Relax at luxury and posh quarters

Rooms and suites at Ritz Paris are a real luxury. You will love it as you will overlook some beautiful views of the garden and rooftops of the city of lights. Whether it’s the couple or guests at the wedding, the alluring aura never fails to impress everyone.
Quick fact: Ritz Paris has a Chanel Spa; one of its kinds that offers treatments using Chanel products which is quite a big deal tho.
Choose among various room sizes and suites as your liking and budget because your wedding show must not be one of the ordinary ones

Spacious and brilliantly decorated salons

At Ritz Paris, space for a wedding event of your choice is never a problem because the salons are made to make flawless. On your big day, all you need to do is feel every moment filled with love and excitement at the same time.
Quick fact: A recent renovation for Ritz Paris cost $200 millions that generated a great hype in the industry.
The accommodation salons at Ritz Paris are ideal for both intimate wedding events and grand ones. Expect accommodation for up to 220 seated guests and some full-on dance vibes with up to 500 friends and family members on cocktail parties. Don’t stress about space and noise as Ritz has planned it for you in a soundproof salon.

Upscale dining and culinary experience

Something not so usual will be prepared as executive Chef Nicolas Sale and pastry Chef François Perret are here to tickle your taste buds with their unmatchable cooking styles.
Quick fact: A gastronomy school founded in 1988 in honor of the first executive chef of the Ritz, Auguste Escoffier, teaches  French haute cuisine, pastry training, and a comprehensive French Gastronomy Master training. 

Decoration revealing your personalities

It is understandable that you will never compromise on the background theme as it matters a lot for some classy photographs. Discuss your dream decor for your wedding and get the Grand Jardin and terrace as you like it to be. What else?

Videography is a must

The most crucial part of your wedding is how you keep your wedding memories with you forever. Modern means? Videography that outstands the ordinary! That’s right.
Quick fact: Did you know that Ritz Paris offers a remarkable setting for the most famous Celine Dion to model for Vogue’s digital platforms?
Destination wedding without a talented wedding videographer in Paris / Wedding Videographer Ritz, will not do justice as weddings in the city of love Paris have its fame. Leaving behind the typical ways like capturing pictures, you should go for videography and it is important because everything related to your wedding should be jaw-dropping.

Getting married in Paris is every couple’s dream. Your decision to choose Ritz Paris for a wedding will make sure a big day filled with elegance, irresistible allure, and an unforgettable luxurious stay with love in everything you experience.

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