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 «[…] I really love your style and energy, so we’re also looking for someone who can capture our story, not just beautiful moments on film.[…]». As a wedding videographer, this is exactly the kind of request that makes me love my job and want to go further in it: telling real stories, rather than just showing pictures of the wedding day. It means a bit of work, to really connect with the couple, but it’s worth it.

We had multiples conversation with Sydney and she insisted on the fact that she wanted me to tell their story, so that one day their children will discover who their parents were, how they loved each other and especially how they met. Sydney and Clement invited me to hike to a magical place with their family and friends the day before their wedding in Les Gets in an old ski lodge. As a Wedding Videographer French Alpes I’m proud to show you the Sydney and Clement’s story.

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Sydney & Clément - "If you never came back"

How to plan a destination wedding in The French Alps

The French Alps is a portion of a large European chain of mountains famous for its legendary peaks, such as Mont Blanc and the Matterhorn, and its stunning alpine lakes and world-class winter games. It is no wonder that the French Alps are becoming a famous wedding location for couples looking for a unique and adventurous yet romantic celebration of love. If you are ready to say yes to this place for a once-in-a-lifetime experience, then read on for a complete guide for your destination wedding in the French Alps. As a local wedding videographer in France, I couldn’t say no to this beautiful couple that got married in this amazing destination.

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Best season for a wedding in the French Alpes

Before I even begin to tell you the things you have to prepare, deciding what season you prefer to get married in is crucial. This sets the date, the perfect location and determines the help you will need to make your vision of your special day come true. Luckily, there are top two viable seasons for your big day that you will have to choose from – summer or winter.

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Summer vs winter French Alpes wedding

The French Alps is known as a skiing haven to most, so it gets pretty crowded when the ski season is in full swing. If you prefer to have something more intimate, you should probably avoid winter, which is usually from November to April. But if one of your aspirations is to be able to go skiing in your wedding attire, we cannot overlook the beauty of this season as well. Since this location receives a lot more snow in the winter, you can have a dreamlike winter wonderland wedding of your own. Not to mention how majestic such a backdrop looks on film.

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Despite the snow, this location also offers a lot of sunshine, which is ideal to have a more exclusive ceremony for you if you choose to have a mountain wedding. You can expect to see beautiful wildflowers blooming all over the upland pastures with fewer crowds than in winter. Although, you may encounter some hikers and climbers since the sunny weather attracts them more. Nonetheless, both seasons can be perfect. It all comes down to which one is more suited for you. Make sure to have a destination wedding videographer to capture this place’s beauty in each season fully.

Top French Alpes wedding venues

When you plan for a destination wedding in the French Alps, knowing what kind of venue fits you best is the next step. Many factors should be considered, but here are the top favourite venues that are worth discovering.

Super Megeve: This place is perfect for saying your vows on a magical snowy day. Aside from that, the food here is also incredibly delicious.
Aiguille du Midi Restaurant: This restaurant has superb food and the most scenic view. It is the perfect location for a cosy celebration.
Les Vieilles Luges: A location that is accessible for skiers making it perfect for those who prefer to have their ceremony near the activities they want to partake in on the day, such as skiing in your bridal gown. This could be the French Alps wedding venue for you.
Au Coeur du Village: This is a heavenly setting with a modern ambiance, perfect for a small gathering of 30 guests. Their facilities and services are also highly recommendable.
Les Chalets du Mont d’Arbois: This luxurious hotel is the perfect place for you to experience a wonderful destination wedding in the French Alps fully. Indulge yourself with a relaxing spa treatment, lovely indoor and outdoor pool or exquisite Michelin-starred dining after your big day.
Le Pi-Mai: A hotel perfect for a mountain wedding. Embrace the beauty of the mountains surrounding you, be they covered with snow or luscious greens. This place is definitely pleasing to the eyes and warming to the heart with its gorgeous ambience.
La Ferme Du Lac Vert: This boutique hotel is located at the heart of the French Alps. The location has the most aesthetically pleasing design that will leave you in awe with its contemporary and antique styling. This luxurious hotel is spacious enough for a large-scale celebration.
The Farmhouse Morzine: Although being in the French Alps offers you the feeling of being transported to a different world, staying at the Farmhouse Morzine is like being in a totally different dimension. It is the perfect place for a destination wedding in the French Alps if you long for an escape and a slower pace for your celebration.
Le Radaz: This is a charming little restaurant with excellent food and magnificent views which is bustling during the ski season. A lot of people skiing on the Rochebrune or Cote 2000 side consider this as their favourite restaurant. I suggest avoiding booking here during the winter season.

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Having a wedding in France

Getting married in another country can be a daunting task due to the different legal requirements of other regions. Although most countries in Europe allow non-residents to get married, some have restrictions, such as The French Alps. To be legally married, you need to be a resident for 40 days before the ceremony. Don’t worry! If this one doesn’t work for you, there’s still a way to make your destination wedding dream come true.


If speaking your vows in front of your loved one in the French Alps is your dream, you don’t have to give up on it. You can still make it legal by having a symbolic ceremony led by your personal celebrant instead, then have your marriage license signed back in your home country.

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Destination wedding videographer French Alpes

Planning to have a destination wedding in the French Alps is like traveling to your favourite country. You want to have it documented as perfectly as possible, and there’s nothing better than having your most precious moments captured on film. Having a destination wedding videographer like me will be like having the perfect travel buddy with you. Pre or post-wedding activities are planned to the best effect because, just like you, this is an adventure for me too. Every shot will look so majestic with my expertise and the effortlessly beautiful French Alps as a backdrop. I will be able to capture your every candid moment through fresh eyes in the most professional way possible.

If you need more help with your destination wedding, don’t hesitate to reach out your Wedding Videographer French Alpes on my contact page. Having me as your destination wedding videographer in this location will be such a great honour, and I can’t wait to be a part of the start of the greatest adventure of your life as a couple!

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