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I’m Meryll de Gordon. As a French Riviera wedding videographer I had the pleasure of working with brides and grooms from various parts of the world, and the opportunity to capture some of the most exquisite events that leave a lasting impression. From breathtaking locations to stunning wedding dresses and heartfelt emotions, each wedding on the French Riviera has been a unique experience that has left my couples in awe. One of the most remarkable aspects of my work is the opportunity to witness and capture the different traditions and cultures that make each wedding unique.

But above all, it’s the emotions that make each wedding on the French Riviera truly unforgettable. The joy, love, and happiness I capture that fill the air are palpable, and as a French Riviera wedding videographer I feel incredibly honored to be able to capture these amazing moments for eternity. From tears of joy to bursts of laughter, each moment is a precious memory that I film and edit with care and with all my heart.

My wedding films are not just “videos” of the events that took place during this special day, but a true reflection of the emotions, expressions, and moments that made the occasion unforgettable. Through my films, I aim to convey the unique essence of the wedding, the love and joy that radiated from the couple, and the ambiance that enveloped the entire venue.

As a French Riviera wedding videographer I follow a specific philosophy where I focus on capturing genuine and unfiltered glimpses of pure emotion. I believe that these candid moments are what make the wedding truly special and create memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.

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I am deeply grateful and humbled to be recognized as an award-winning French Riviera wedding videographer on the international stage, alongside numerous other talented professionals, by esteemed professional associations and renowned film festivals. My unwavering dedication to producing high-quality work is reflected in these accolades, which are a testament to my passion and the incredible connections I have made along the way.

Why I am based in the South of France

As a French Riviera wedding videographer my goal is to highlight the singularity of my couple with the beauty of the coast as a backdrop

The French Riviera is a stunning coastal region in the south of France that has long been a destination for luxury and glamour.

As a French Riviera wedding videographer, my goal is to capture the essence of the people’s singularity I am working with. This means going beyond technical aspects such as camera angles, lighting, and sound. Instead, I focus on the personalities, relationships, and emotions of the individuals involved.

Shooting a wedding the French Riviera is the perfect way to film the beauty, the glamour, and romance of a couple’s special day. With its stunning venues, and crazy landscapes, the Côte d’Azur offers a truly unique and unforgettable wedding experience for your destination wedding in France.

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When you want a luxury weddings, there is no place quite like the French Riviera. With its breathtaking scenery, elegant venues, it’s no wonder that couples from all over the globe choose to tie the knot there. And for those who want to just capture simple moments of their wedding day, the French Riviera is the way to go.

The French Riviera, also known as the Côte d’Azur (in French), is a region in southeastern France that stretches along the Mediterranean coastline from Saint-Tropez to the Italian borders. This area is known for its bright sunny climate, blue turquoise waters, and glamorous French lifestyle, making it the perfect setting if you’re looking for a luxury wedding in France. From historic chateaux and hi-end hotels to modern villas and private beaches, there are countless beautiful locations to choose for your wedding.

But what sets luxury wedding videography on the French Riviera apart from other destinations? It’s all about the details. A skilled wedding videographer can capture the uniqueness of the region as well as the couple’s personalities in an artistic way, that truly tells their love story.

But it’s not just about the scenery. As a luxury French Riviera wedding videographer I can also capture the intimate moments of the day that you’ll share with you loved ones, from the bride’s preparation in her private suite to the groom’s nervous anticipation before the ceremony. With an non obtrusive approach, I can capture the emotions, the tears and laughter that make each wedding so unique.

Of course, luxury wedding videography on the French Riviera is all about the glamour. From the couture gowns and designer suits to the stunning floral arrangements and gourmet cuisine, every detail of the day is an expression of luxury, you’ll see! A skilled videographer can capture these moments in a way that feels very natural and authentic, while still highlighting their beauty. No poses, only natural.

Overall the most important aspect of luxury wedding videography on the French Riviera is the memories it creates for everyone. A beautiful wedding film is not just a keepsake for the couple, but also for their families and future generations to come. It’s a way to relive the magic of the day, but also to share it with families or friends who may not have been able to attend.

To make a great wedding film, I need to feel inspired and approach each project with a genuine belief in the specialness of the couples I work with. This means taking the time to truly understand them – their backgrounds, values, and personalities. It also means paying attention to all the little details that will make their wedding day truly unique.

By focusing on the people rather than the technical aspects like what camera setting shoal I use, I can create a wedding film that truly captures the atmosphere of the wedding day. This means telling the couple’s story in a way that is authentic, emotional, and really engaging.

My mission as a French Riviera wedding videographer is to create a wedding film that highlight the uniqueness of each person involved in this day. My work is to film the joy, love, and all the connections that brings the people together on this special occasion. By doing so, I can create a film that is not only beautiful and technically ok, but also deeply meaningful and personal for those who will watch it.

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