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My name is Meryll de Gordon, I am a wedding filmmaker and editor, English and French speaking.

I seem to have misplaced my first guitar, though I know it’s all thanks to that guitar that I am here today. As a lyricist and music composer, I stumbled into the world of movie making about 10 years ago.
I have a creative soul and a habit of imagining what everything around me would be like if I were to capture their story on film.

Sometimes I compose a tune, I close one eye and look at the world through the other. And just as if it were my camera lens, I imagine a scene and a decor. I take my inspiration from as far off ideas as I can, because being creative is not complicated, it just takes a different way of thinking and perceiving things.

I capture life moments, tears and laughter… I travel, I get inspired, I listen, I create… and then I take it all apart to tell a story as a film. I’m passionate about my job. I never stop learning, and I want to make each of my wedding films the best one that I have ever made.

If you are getting goosebumps already, no doubt we are looking for the same things and we are bound to get along.

About Us



I like stylish couples who live in harmony with their emotions and simply love life. My future newlyweds love my job, adhere to my style, and trust me. They give me carte blanche, allowing me to completely unleash my creativity. They know the importance of keeping memories alive, they have an eye for detail and they value our relationship. And above all, they are kind of cool!



My mission is to focus on people beyond any technical aspect. I sincerely believe a wedding film is a success when the filmmaker focuses on what makes the uniqueness of the individuals. My ambition is to create exclusive, artistic and inspiring films which highlight your emotions. I offer fair prices and only use high end innovative and often upgraded equipment.



ONENESS | Being your partner

AVAILABILITY | Being reactive

RESPECT | Recognizing your value

FUN | Having fun when working

CREATIVITY | Unconventional thinking

Let's Travel Together!!

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