Every Couple is Unique,
 so are my Wedding Films

In my wedding films, the bride and groom are not interchangeable as if they were mannequins. Each couple is unique, and each story is really different. My couples know they will find again all their emotions in their wedding film. Each person is characterized by their desires, their depths, their intentions, who they really are; I build my stories along this guideline.

Mallorca, Spain

“Stronger Together” | Sarah & Richi  (Narrative)

South West, France

“I knew it was you” | Ailbhe & Shane 

French Alps

“If you never came back” | Sydney & Clement (Narrative)

Lavandou, French Rivera

“Our Beautiful World” | Brittany & Patrick 

Calabria, Italy

“I feel alive” | Marie & Giovanni 

Bangkok, Thailand

“Children of love” | Nat & Jum 

Beldi Country Club, Marrakech

“Into your eyes” | Lindsay & Kayvan 

South West France

Hollie & Monju  

Palace de Menthon, France

Céline & Kevin

Dar el Sadaka, Marrakech

“With you I’m Home” | Pipay & Reda

Guanacaste, Costa Rica

“Indescribable” | Mimi & Greg

Manhattan, New-York

“Making the story of the impossible possible” | Sam & Adrien


“For a lifetime of happiness” | Tamara & Aref


Rose & Boris

South West France

Chantal & Cimon