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Narrative films

The experience of having your story told through your wedding film.

We all have a story to tell. You are getting married, and you want this day to be filmed to show your families and friends all that happened, because you want it to be saved, as it should be. But as a wedding filmmaker whose interests are people and what make them unique, my vision is slightly different.

You, as a couple or individual, are unique, and you build together something singular that is your story. There is much more to show than only what happened during your wedding day. My work is going beyond what most of the couples generally expect.

It’s just like going to the cinema at the precise moment when the hero wins the game and is exalts in the climax; but would you understand why he had to fight to win this game?

You deserve your story to be told, and you have this great opportunity to have someone do a wedding video for you, so why not jump on board and get a much more emotional film by telling your story? THAT would be a real souvenir for your families, friends, and children. Now, take a moment to watch the stories that these couples asked me to tell. Here is what to expect when booking this package. These films have allowed me to be voted as the best wedding videographer 2021, 2022, 2023.

French Alps

Sydney & Clement – Wedding in the French Alpes on the blog
Story-driven short film – best wedding videographer 2021


Pam & Tam – Wedding in Portugal on the blog
Story-driven short film


Adelle & James – Wedding film on the blog
Story-driven short film


Sarah & Ricci – Wedding in Mallorca on the blog
Story-driven short film

Each film is focused onyour story as a couple.

You are the heroes, you have a story to tell, your wedding is a backdrop.

Phuket, Thailand

The Story of Nicole & Jack
Story-driven short film

Nice, France

Sarah & Jud – Wedding on the French Riviera on the blog
Story-driven short film

Bangkok, Thailand

“CHILDREN OF LOVE” – Best wedding videographer 2021
Nat & Jum – Wedding in Bangkok on the blog

I spent 1 week with this beautiful couple. They shared their full story with me. It was important for them to have me filming them at their place, cooking and sharing intimate moments together. We also had fun times with their friends at night, eating traditional Thaï dishes. Nat & Jum wanted me to include their story told through lifestyle moments with their friends into their wedding film, because they knew the value of telling a story.

Dar el Sadaka, Morocco

“WITH YOU I’M HOME” – Best wedding videographer 2020
Pipay & Reda – Wedding in Marrakech on the blog
Story-driven short wedding film

When I met Pipay and Reda in 2019, the story they told me during our Skype meeting really touched me. I proposed that they to do more than just a classic wedding film, showing moments of the big day. Pipay was really touched by this idea and she gave me a lot of information about the story of her dad dying. What a pleasure it was when she told me that she loved the way their wedding trailer was told.

What to expect

These are not classic wedding videos,but a real experience to tell who you are.


This is part of the pre-production phase. We get to know each other through different Skype sessions. You are welcome to tell me your story, the good times and the bad times you lived through, so I can start thinking of how I could built your film. You can send me your photos, whether older or more recent for me to document in my work.


You share a unique moment of happiness before the day of the wedding. It can be a classic couple session or a crazy adventure ride, depending on what kind of couple you are. We can also take some time to record your story or any other footage. These lifestyle moments will enrich the film, and make you feel more comfortable in front of the camera.


I cover your whole wedding day from the getting ready to the dancing.


You receive two unique films: A trailer from 3 to 5min., built with a strong storytelling and cinematic style as well as a longer version film, up to 20 min., documentary style.

These films are delivered to your place in a luxury wooden case. It also comes with some carefully selected and retouched photos from your beautiful days.

Megève, French Alpes

Emma & Tom
Story-driven short wedding film

Here is the story of this beautiful couple, Emma & Tom, who got married in the French Alps. It was a strong story. Tom took Emma to a secret destination to surprise her. I don’t want to reveal the story now, but one thing for sure is that Tom moved heaven and earth to make a fiancée happy with a gift she wasn’t expecting.

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