A winter wedding in Megève, France

Wedding Videographer Megève, Four Seasons

This is the story of this lovely couple, Emma & Tom, who wanted to get married in the French Alps. A place dear to Emma’s heart because it is where she grew up before moving to the city for her studies. 

On the day before their wedding ceremony, Tom decides to take Emma to a secret destination to surprise her. They then put on their snowshoes and starts walking towards an old chalet in the mountains, where Emma spent her childhood.

It’s noon, the couple joins their friends at a cosy little restaurant. While they are eating, Emma notices that someone is standing at the back of the restaurant, and has been staring at her for a while. She asks Tom who this person is, Tom tells her to approach him.

Emma gets up and walks towards this person. She is overwhelmed with emotion when she discovers who he is. 

Wedding in Megève, France

Emma & Tom - Four Seasons

Day #1 | Adventure session with the couple
Day #2 | Wedding day, Four Seasons Hotel

A wedding at the Four Seasons, Megève

Located in the heart of the French Alps, the Four Seasons Hotel Megève is an ideal venue for couples looking to get married during the winter season. Its prime location allows for easy access to alpine and cross-country ski slopes, as well as many other winter activities such as snowshoeing, ice skating, or dog sledding. The prestigious hotel also features several elegant reception rooms with stunning views of the surrounding mountains. The wedding party can enjoy a private space to prepare before the ceremony, with a panoramic view of the ski slopes. The Four Seasons Hotel Megève also offers high-end spa services, as well as a selection of restaurants offering refined cuisine for an unforgettable wedding dinner. For couples in search of romance and winter sports, the Four Seasons Hotel Megève is the perfect place to celebrate their love in a spectacular setting. As a wedding videographer Megève, I can tell you that this place is really amazing for a luxury wedding film.

Elegant and authentic wedding films

Wedding videographer Megève

As a high-end wedding videographer Megève, I have developed a cinematic style to capture the most significant and memorable moments of the wedding day. I believe that every couple is unique, and I strive to reflect this individuality in my films. To me, every detail is important – the exchanged looks, shared emotions, small gestures of affection – all contribute to making the wedding day truly special. I spend time with the couples before their wedding to understand their personalities and what makes them unique as a couple, and I use this knowledge to create a film that captures their essence. My goal is to tell the couple’s story in an authentic way, using cinematic techniques to create an elegant and timeless aesthetic. As a wedding videographer Megève, I believe that every couple deserves a film that is their own and captures their most precious moments. My job is to create an eternal memory of their wedding day, a film that can be watched and enjoyed for years to come.

wedding videographer megeve, four seasons hotel

Having a wedding in Megève

Megève is a charming alpine town located in the southeastern region of France, near the border with Switzerland. It is situated in the heart of the French Alps, surrounded by majestic mountains and forests, which offer a stunning backdrop for weddings. The town itself is renowned for its picturesque cobblestone streets, cozy chalets, and luxurious hotels, making it a popular destination for couples seeking a romantic and elegant setting for their wedding in Megève.

Megève is especially popular for winter weddings due to its prime location for skiing and other winter sports. The town is located in the Mont Blanc Massif and boasts over 400 km of ski slopes, making it one of the most extensive ski areas in France. It is also known for its high-end ski resorts, such as the Four Seasons Hotel Megève, which offer top-notch amenities and services for weddings. The town’s idyllic location, combined with its exceptional ski facilities and luxurious accommodations, makes it a highly sought-after destination for couples who want to get married in a winter wonderland setting. This is why as a wedding videographer in Megève I love to shoot these weddings.

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