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«[…] Hi Meryll, we live in NY but we were raised in the west coast of the US. We’re are not very traditional people, we have a small dog named Bisous. […]» OK, I like it! Brittany and Patrick were definitely not traditional people. Like one of their best man said during his speech: « they create their own world, and we’re all just living in it ». They wanted a destination wedding videographer to capture their craziness. Eccentric and super friendly, these two lovers were having their wedding in south of France, le Lavandou, French Riviera. This is the wedding trailer of the Brittany & Patrick’s beautiful day.

Wedding in le Lavandou, French Riviera

Brittany & Patrick - "Our beautiful world"

How to plan a destination wedding in le Lavandou & French Riviera

Your big day is one of the most important events in your life, and trust me, you wouldn’t want to settle for anything but the best. If you’ve been dreaming of an intimate, unique, and beautiful beach wedding, planning a destination wedding in le Lavandou, or another location on the French Riviera will make that dream a reality. Both of them are known for their stunning stretch along the Mediterranean coast, including beach resorts that you will surely love. Imagine yourself walking down an aisle that is lined with flowers and overlooks the beautiful turquoise water. Isn’t it the most romantic feeling? Although planning a beach destination wedding can be daunting, it’s not an impossible task. Here’s a guide that will help you decide which one fits your special day more – whether the le Lavandou or anywhere on the French Riviera.

Wedding in le lavandou French Riviera

Getting married in le Lavandou

Formerly known as a small fishing port that gives this place more character, this beach resort located between Saint Tropez and Toulon offers much for a wedding le Lavandou.

Popular beaches with gorgeous resorts.
Home of 12 real jewels of fine sand. This location has no less than 12 beaches which are maintained and managed carefully. Each beach has its own name: Anglade, Grande Plage, Saint-Clair beach, Fossette, Aiguebelle, Elephant, Jean-Blanc, Rossignol, Layet, Cavalière, Cap Negre and Pramousquier beach.

Perfect for small and intimate celebrations.
If you are thinking about planning an intimate destination wedding in le Lavandou, this location will astound you with its charm. It offers nearly 300 days of sunshine a year which naturally attracts more crowds, but you can still plan your big day in the most intimate way. A wide range of villas is available to host your wedding le Lavandou exclusively.

Fits every budget.
What’s great about this place is that it fits every budget. You can have a grand marriage ceremony at their four and five-star hotels, such as Club de Cavaliere, Hotel de la Fossette, and the Hotel de la Plage. Or you can go for a more intimate affair – rent furnished apartments or villas.

Perfect for any couple that loves to travel.
Destination weddings are perfect for couples that love to travel. Unknown to most, there are two types of travellers, one who travels to relax, and another who travels to experience different activities. At le Lavandou, you can be both. You can relax and laze down on the sandy beaches or try the various activities that this place offers. From hiking, boating and scuba diving, all of which you can do in this location. I also want to add that le Lavandou is a paradise to divers because of its water quality and diverse sea bed. It would be an excellent investment to have a destination wedding videographer with you to document such unique experiences.

wedding by the beach lavandou France

If you’re going to have a destination wedding in le Lavandou, it is recommended to visit the following attractions as well to make the most out of your travel.

Bormes-les-Mimosas : This visual treat can give you the most charming village that you can explore and a hidden sandy beach covered with pine forests and garrigue scrubland.
Hyeres : Considered to be the original French Riviera. Here you can explore the charming rue du Repos, watch the romantic sunset across the marina Île de Porquerolles and relax by the Notre Dame Beach.
Iles d’Hyeres : Also known as the Golden Island, Iles d’Hyeres is a majestic view during the golden hour with the glow the rocks give off in the sunlight. It is better to have an overnight stay to take advantage of the great hiking, exploring, and snorkelling that you can do here.

A French Riviera wedding

Known for its luxurious soul, the French Riviera is one of the popular destinations that are favoured by celebrities and nobles. Aside from being popular and having a high probability of meeting famous people, here are some reasons why you should have a French Riviera wedding:

South of France wedding Riviera

Breathtaking view as a backdrop
The sparkling clear water of the Azur seas is absolutely pleasing to the eyes. You would want to have it as your backdrop to your big romantic day.

Ideal weather for your special day.
The weather here deserves a special spot in my wedding guide French Riviera. It will create an ideal ambience for your special day. Since it is almost always sunny, you don’t need to worry about any sudden downpour on your outdoor ceremony. That being said, the best month to have a wedding is during spring (April and May).

Convenient access and transportation.
In Nice, you can find their main airport, and it is reachable with international flights. From here, you can have cars for rent or have a chauffeur drive you to the venue for convenience.

Delectable Mediterranean food.
What’s a destination wedding without trying their famous delicacies? The French Riviera is known for the olive oil-cooked fish & lamb and their delicious Pesto Soup and Bouillabaisse. Also, you wouldn’t want to miss out on their local wines for a complete experience.

Best wedding photographer lavandou riviera

Best beach wedding venues in French Riviera

Hotel Belles Rives, Juan-Les-Pins: A mythical palace on the sea that will give you the most romantic evening that is perfect for an after-party experience. Hotel Belles also has a private beach for big celebrations, up to 600 guests.

Cap Estelle, Eze: This secluded boutique hotel is set right into the sea for a unique beach wedding experience. Cap Estelle, Eze will give you a purely luxurious experience that you will never forget.

Château de la Napoule: A medieval castle right by the sea that offers the most dreamy reception for your beach wedding. Chateau de la Napoule will make you feel like you are in a fairy tale in an instant.

best wedding venue French Riviera lavandou

Destination wedding videographer French Riviera, Lavandou

Whether you choose to celebrate your love in le Lavandou or French Riviera, hiring an expert destination wedding videographer is non-negotiable. This is because your beach dream event is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and should be captured on film in the same way you see it – with fresh eyes and excitement. A quality that can’t be provided by someone who’s a local already. I can discover the beauty of your location with you while making sure to capture every moment as your wedding videographer.

I can become a part of your destination wedding in le Lavandou or French Riviera by reaching out to me on my contact page! I can’t wait to encapsulate your dream beach celebration on film!

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