Hollie & Monj | Aubettere, Pillac



      Welcome to the Manoir de Longevau, where the witty Hollie & Monju gathered their loved ones to celebrate their union on a beautiful and warm summer day preceded by a welcome diner the evening before, in the pretty village of Aubeterre. It was a festive weekend for these Irish and English friends who also came to enjoy the charm of the south-west of France.
      After a hearty typical English lunch, Hollie & Monj gave each other many gifts symbolising the love they share. The ceremony, cocktail and diner took place in the courtyard of the venue. The very Rock & Roll party took place in the barn and ended with a guitar smash as it should. Listen, the speeches are full of emotion, promises and love.


      ” L O V E   I S   S O   M U C H   M O R E   T H A N   W O R D S  “


      (Music Licensed)

      1min. 43

      I promise to make our life together the best that it can possibly be, so that in 50 years time, when your six pack is gone, when you have a full head of white hair, and we have our children and our grandchildren around us, we will look back and be grateful for all of the promisses we made to each other today, and all the memories that we have created.

      Hollie to Monju.