An intimate wedding Chambery, France

Wedding Videographer Chambery, France

Emmanuel wrote this beautiful letter for the woman he loves in Chambery, France. In the warm and very intimate place of Le Domaine des Saints-Pères, Anne-Marie’s tears of love flowed as she read the words of her future husband. Discover the first 75 seconds of this pretty couple’s trailer.

Wedding in Chambery, France

Anne-Marie & Emmanuel - "75sec. of"

“You were beautiful, smart, smiling, and nothing has changed.
You’re the one that capsized my heart in a split second.
We are different, different culture, different character, different country, and yet we were meant to meet.
My dear Anne-Marie, my tender love, you are the one who has known how to fill me with happiness.
My only wish is to make you the happiest.”

Emmanuel to Anne-Marie.

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