A French Riviera wedding in Nice

French Riviera Wedding Videographer

These two lovers celebrated their wedding in Nice, on the French Riviera. After a relaxing day in a villa perched on the heights of Nice, they went to play at the casino. The next day was so wonderful. Surrounded by their friends and family, they celebrated their wedding at the chateau de la chèvre d’or, in Nice.

Sarah and Judd wrote to me a year before their wedding in Nice to ask me if I could film their beautiful day, but more importantly, to tell their story as a couple. As a destination wedding videographer in French Riviera specialized in storytelling, it was really important to me to get to know them. This part was so precious to Sarah & Judd, because they had gone through many ups and downs and wanted me to tell these parts of their story through their wedding film. So I had many phone conversations and email exchanges with them to understand their who they were and to be able to imagine their wedding film before even shooting their wedding. Here is the real story of Sarah and Judd.

Wedding in Nice, French Riviera

Sarah & Judd - The story of

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