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Ahh, Greece. Even a single thought of planning a destination wedding in Greece will make you feel like a modern-day Goddess or God. There is a certain allure that lingers in these lands even from the ancient days. A time-defying beauty that spellbinds the eye of the beholder. It is no wonder that planning a destination wedding in Greece has been on the to-do list of many engaged couples! From island escapes to the rural countryside, and from urban beauty to the ancient citadels and ruins like the Acropolis; this country has so much to offer. It will not just be a wedding, but also a mini-honeymoon, a vacation for you and your cherished guests. Precisely this is what makes couples fall in love with its splendor and seek haven in its midst. Being relaxed, unwinding, and celebrating your chapter – what can possibly top that? I, as a destination wedding videographer in Greece, believe you are already curious and thinking of tying the knot there so therefore I will give you my best recommendations and tips!


A wedding in Santorini, Greece

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Destination wedding in Greece

A wedding in Santorini

Imagine astounding horizons and volcanic beaches, whitewashed architectures, blue domes, and narrow alleys that open a whole world in front of you! Yes, having a destination wedding in Santorini is the ultimate dream for modern couples and with a right. It truly has one-of-a-kind unparalleled beauty. The unique features of this island have drawn many to celebrate their love so the island has many incredible vendors to start with. Additionally, you will never run out of options for an incredible wedding venue when it comes to this Island. Having visited quite many myself, I would definitely recommend Saint Antonio Vineyard, Le Ciel, Andromeda, Pyrgos Restaurant, and countless many more villas. If you’re looking for a destination wedding videographer in Greece, please contact me.- Wedding Videographer Greece

A wedding in Crete

I have been in Crete 2 years ago, and I have never forgotten these landscapes. This gorgeous island will easily lure you with its long coastline and the azure waters of the Meditteranean. It is actually one of the largest islands which makes you want to explore deeper and go beyond the obvious beaches. There is a lovely rustic side filled with vineyards and farms that make getting married in Greece a beautiful and remarkable experience. There are also so many wonderful chapels to unify your love in a heartwarming ceremony. One of such venues is the Agreco Farm. A fairytale venue that will transform your destination wedding in Crete into magic. This is one of the most cinematic destination for an amazing wedding film in Greece.

A wedding in South Peloponnese

As a destination wedding videographer in Greece, this is one of my favorite locations. There are a plethora of sceneries for perfect cinematic portrayals which makes this part of the island absolutely dreamy. A place where castles, fortresses, mountains, medieval, sand, sea, urban, and luxury – all blend together to provide the most exquisite affair. Plus, many greek mythical heroes lived here and that fact alone elevates everything. Wedding venues to consider: the Romanos Resort, Eumelia Organic Farm, Kinsterna Hotel, Godai Seascape, and many more.

A wedding in Zakynthos

If you are planning a beach destination wedding in Greece, there is no island finer than Zakynthos. Even though it is popular for various tourists, there are so many undiscovered hidden gems that you will get the pleasure to see. There even are wedding venues that are nestled on the private islands around Zakynthos like the Cameo Island. Imagine having a whole island for your iconic ceremony, a movie-worthy romantic story to cherish forever. If your heart is set on having a white sand beach ceremony, then I would definitely recommend a stylish bar like Casa Playa Beach.

A wedding in Athens

This is the dream of any destination wedding videographer Greece. The portrayal of the contemporary style, romantic beauty, and old-world ruins. Athens is a cradle of culture and heritage, a center where every timeline collides. Not only is this city awe-inspiring but has a medley of venues and vendors wherever you turn. Based on my experience, I would recommend these event places: Golf Prive, KTIMA 48, Kleopatra, Skyfall – which has the most magical background with the Acropolis for your evening reception!

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Having a wedding videographer in Greece

Booking a destination wedding videographer in Greece means investing in your memories as heirlooms. Yet, choosing a professional that isn’t native but knows the locations with their most beautiful features for the cinematic portrayal, has more advantages than you think.

Such a videographer will provide you with a fresh perspective in capturing your love story, dedicating attention to every single detail framed in breathtaking sceneries. This incredible chapter of your life deserves to be visually embellished and there is nothing that can achieve that better than professional wedding filming.

Greek Wedding Styles according to location


Villas, Castles, glamorous farmhouses, and charming churches will elevate your rustic and glamorous wedding. Immerse into captivating landscapes and revel in a relaxing atmosphere. Complete the celebration with beautiful wine and traditional Greek culinary arts. This is what you’ll find getting married in Athens.



Ahh, the countless islands on the Greek coast are truly magnificent. Gaze into endless horizons bathing into the sunset glory while listening to the gentle sound of waves. Long white sand beaches unwind your spirit, providing a romantic sanctuary for your nuptial celebration. Islands to consider: Rhodes, Corfu, Zakynthos, Mykonos, and of course – Santorini.



Feel the charm of the organic farmhouses with beautiful unique features that are becoming more and more attractive for modern couples – especially for those seeking to host a sustainable destination wedding in Greece. Paired with organic local food? It is a delight that will be truly unforgettable.



Athens and Thessaloniki are leaders in the urban chic that they masterfully entwine with their historical allure. Modern rooftop venues that have incredible views over the city or chic bars that offer an endless night of celebrations. Basically, whatever you can imagine, Greece has it!

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US & UK destination wedding in Greece


As far as legalities go, you can legally get married in both civil and religious ceremonies. The Christian religion in Greece is orthodox so the ceremony act may be slightly different yet bearing the same meaning. Of course, for example for UK & US citizens, there will be a required certificate of impediment along with the basic info. But in essence, I would recommend working closely with an experienced wedding planner that can sort these things just flawlessly, without the extra pressure nor stress. If you want to avoid the legalities, you can only have a symbolic religious ceremony and a stunning reception affair for your precious friends and family.



Even if you are going to be on an island, there are so many accommodation choices for your attendees and the venues are accessible. If you are in Athens, there will be countless extra activities you can organize when getting married in Greece. From historical architecture and ruins to shopping, sightseeing, beach and enjoying the coastal life, or like I would say – enjoying the good life. As for the islands, there are so many charming restaurants that simply invite you to taste the iconic traditional Greek cuisine and spoil all of your senses. Even laying on the beach for a whole day is the perfect gift you can give your guests, who will also have a break from their everyday lives besides celebrating your love. Not to mention, the horizons and sunsets are simply visual poetry and divinity for your soul. The weather can be incredibly hot during summer, so I would recommend bringing parasols and fans to keep yourself cooled.

wedding videographer in Santorini, Greece

Having a wedding videographer in Santorini, Greece

Dear couples, my name is Meryll de Gordon, English and French seeking. I’ve been in Greece several times, and each time, it was an unforgettable memory. Turquoise blue waters, houses with such an atypical and singular style, breathtaking landscapes. It’s the perfect setting for a cinematic wedding film.

As a destination wedding videographer Greece in Santorini, Rhodes, Zakynthos, Kefalonia, South Peloponnese, Corfu, Athens, Crete and so many other destinations, I can tell you you can’t be disappointed if you choose to get married in Greece.

And if you’re up to an adventure session or an engagement session, I also do destination weddings in Italy, France and Spain

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