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Having a French wedding style

Hey, beautiful brides and grooms. My name is Meryll de Gordon, wedding videographer in France. Congratulations on your engagement. And, congratulations on deciding to marry abroad! As a destination wedding videographer based in France I know that it needs so much planning and effort, but if you are here, I know you are already half the way. I can’t be more proud of you for deciding to have your dream wedding. If you are living in the UK or the USA, then traveling overseas for the big day is a little more special. Plus, it’s an opportunity to start your new journey will all this brand new feel. Can you feel that vibe, right now?
Dreaming of an intimate wedding in France? When in France, you will never run of the romantic spots to say, “yes, I do!” Now it’s time for some more breathtaking views, which will make your wedding unforgettable. Here’s are the four destinations you should choose from. Hold on your heart tight. Chances are you will lose it somewhere between the gorgeous gardens, and the fairytale chateaux.

Wedding in Dordogne, south-west France

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French Rivera Wedding Videographer

Whether you are planning to get married in Provence or renewing your vows, having your wedding in French Riviera is the best among a selection of beautiful regions and romantic cities in France. Filled with charm and glamour, it is a magnificent destination for lavish receptions and wedding ceremonies. Well, who doesn’t dream of the South of France? With its pristine backdrop, this picturesque place has everything you are looking for a perfect destination wedding. Experience the real bliss and let the fairytale begins among the natural wonderland.

A sweet wedding in Provence

Picturesque views. Beautiful countryside. Glorious sunshine. These are just a few of the prominent aspects that define a wedding in Provence. This breathtaking part of southern France is the perfect destination for an outdoor summer wedding. Okay, get comfy and imagine the Provencal sun warming your face as I guide you through this fantastic part of France. The incredible landscapes and historic venues dotted around are sure to help you have a vintage themed wedding.
Imagine a wedding day on a full swing among the stunning views, the breathless warm sunlight, and the fragrance of jasmine and lavender drifting through the air to savor your senses. That’s exactly what a dream wedding in Provence looks like. I’m based in France and love my country, as a wedding photographer or videographer I’d be more than happy to show you some magical places. Please have look at my latest wedding styled shoot in Provence.

Wedding on the French Riviera, Lavandou

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Having a South-West France Wedding


History. Elegance. Charm. Plan an elegant, stylish wedding with magnificent weather and gorgeous surroundings and make your dreams come true. Located in southwestern France, Dordogne is one of the largest and most picturesque wedding destinations on our list. The natural vibes will ensure a slightly more intimate feel that’s perfect for those looking to have a smaller affair. The warmer summer sun, clear blue skies, vineyards, and rolling hills sound heavenly. Make sure you find the perfect Dordogne wedding videographer and photographer to capture every elegant detail of your day for you!



There are many reasons why you should plan to get married in south-west France, and one of them is its romantic scenery. If you like endless fields of vines, lavender or wheat, vines, rolling hills, or pretty villages nestled in the middle of the picturesque countryside South-West France is the perfect place to go.
And, of course, food. The delicious cuisines of France will never disappoint you. From the live cooking stations to the family-style means, your guests remember it forever. Yes, Honey, you can’t ignore the weather. Choose between April and October to have the dream wedding.
You can have an utterly unique and memorable experience even if it’s just two of you, after all, it’s all about and your better half. So why not have the most talented local videographer in France to capture these beautiful moments along the way, better yet, one who can speak English and French both – it will make the process easier. Yeah? Reach me out to make your day extra special.

A wedding in eastern France

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Wedding videographer based in France

I am a destination wedding videographer and what’s more, I am French! I used to shoot weddings in Paris, Bordeaux (south west of France), Provence, on the French Rivera. It would be a great pleasure for me to film your wedding in a place that is familiar to me. Please send me a message, and tell me your story!

2023 and 2024 are promising years in terms of beautiful venues and amazing couples in France! So far, my next weddings will take place in Palace de Menthon (Annecy), Chateau Gassies (Bordeaux), Chateau des Ravatys (St Lager), Chamonix, Chateau de Saint Sixt (Annecy), Manoir de Longeveau (Dordogne), Abbaye de Talloire, Château de Bagnols, Chateau d’Estoublon, and many other great place in France and abroad.

If you’re up to an adventure session or an engagement session, I also do destination weddings in Spain, Italy and Greece

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