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Getting married in Japan is one of it’s kind, the enchanting old cities have some breathtaking locations and finest places where mother nature has done some magic. These destinations will ensure you create ultimate memories on your big day. Trust me, these places are a feast for the eyes.
Imagine walking down the aisle in a scene almost out of a movie. You can experience the magic of a destination wedding or memorable vow renewal in Japan. Either you dreamt of a traditional wedding or a modern exotic wedding, this place has everything for you. If you are planning your wedding in Japan, and don’t know where to start, read on till the end – we have some incredible ideas for you! Japan Wedding Videographer

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A Mount Fuji wedding ceremony, Yamanashi

Nature’s vibes at a wedding give you a double dose that can calm your mind and heal your heart. As beautiful views bloom outside, you feel that romantic essence inside of you. Mt. Fuji is home to amazing spots that you can choose to take a new start with your partner. Wait, you are not going get married on the mountain itself, but one of the lakes in Yamanashi full of jaw-dropping views awaits a beautiful wedding. The two lakes here, Kawaguchi-ko and Yamanaka-ko, are inspiringly beautiful to tie the knot. Here, you have two options: Lake Kawaguchi is perfect for a picturesque lakeside. On the other hand, Lake Yamanaka is more rural. In addition, at Lake Yamanaka, rituals can be held anywhere by the lake, a few inches from the water’s edge. Japan Wedding Videographer.

Best time of year for the wedding: Spring and Autumn
Seating: Up to 15
Privacy: There is no privacy, but this depends on the exact location of the ceremony
Preparation room: Not available – You have to arrange it separately
Catering: Definitely yes

A wedding in Kyo Machiya, Kyoto

Looking for a traditional style of wedding? Kyo Machiya in Kyoto is a traditional townhouse with a distinctive architectural style that is unlike any other place. For your wedding, this spot will ensure that you stay close to a peaceful quiet romantic haven. When you finally decide to choose Kyo Machiya, you can expect views of the river or a central garden for a romantic wedding. Get done with the ceremony and an amazing photoshoot followed by private dining. Getting married in Japan means starting your new life in most romantically.

Best time of year: Anytime, but especially Spring and Autumn
Guest seating: Up to 5
Privacy: Definitely, yes
Preparation room: Yes
Catering: Yes

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A wedding at Funatsuru Kyoto Kamogawa Resort

For all the lovers who like staying close to nature, this place is perfect for their wedding. Your big day in Fanarsuru Kyoto Kamogawa resort is all about stunning views. The highest floor of the resort has a chapel, outdoor terrace and banquet hall. The windows of the church opening in three directions will give your ceremony a very charming backdrop of the neighboring landscape.
As you celebrate your big day, the eastern mountains of Kyoto across the river without any obstacles will not only add beauty to nature but also a sense of tranquility to your sacred celebrations. You can even admire the magnificent view of the famous Kiyomizu Temple from here.

Best time of year: Spring when you can witness the incredible blossom and fire festivals in summer
Guest seating: Up to 30
Privacy: Yes
Preparation room: Yes
Catering: Yes

A wedding at Kitayama Geihinkan, Kyoto

The dazzling wedding venue will surprise your guests in a European-style mansion. Your wedding held in Kitayama Geihinkan Kyoto will be remembered for its intimate setting filled with a homely atmosphere. It is just like throwing a wedding party at home but with a fine garden and pool, charming chapel and a banquet hall just for your special day. Enjoy some decoration planning time with your partner and choose your desired designs for your dining hall. Imagination is the only limit!

Best time of year: Spring and Autumn
Guest seating: 120 to 150
Privacy: Yes
Preparation room: Yes
Catering: Yes

A wedding in Hakuba

Hakuba is my favorite place on the list. Located in the heart of the Nagano countryside, it’s just a 4 hours drive from Tokyo. If you are a fan of outdoor weddings, then this place is for you. Whether you are looking for capturing the moments on the heartbreaking mountain views or the lush garden valleys, it has it all.

Best time of year: Winter, but you can have an incredible wedding during Spring and Autumn
Guests seating: Up to 5 ~ 120
Privacy: Yes
Preparation room: Depends on the ceremony spot
Catering: Yes, this can be arranged

Japan Wedding Videographer

Nothing beats getting married in Japan, fill your heart and soul by picking the right place in this amazing country, the choice is yours! As a wedding videographer, I travel anywhere. I like discovering new horizons, new people, and filming their stories.

So, what are your plans for your big day? Looking for some exceptional cinematography on your big day, reach me out!

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