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It is hard to resist the allure of this land. Breathtaking nature, culinary art that caresses your senses, striking temples, warm welcoming people, and beaches that stretch along the coast, just inviting you for a dip or an adventure to some of the islands. The authenticity of Thailand is incredibly inviting for many couples, and I myself can vouch for that fact as being one of the most frequent visitors both for wedding videography and vacations. I’m a Wedding Videographer Thailand and once you have felt its beauty, you will have a hard time choosing another destination.

The combination of eastern culture, ocean breeze, effortless relaxing ambiance, and tropical chic will certainly bewitch your senses! If your heart is set on surprising your guests by hosting a long flight exotic celebration somewhere unique, I can think of a better place. As an experienced destination wedding videographer in Thailand, in this blog, I will talk about tips and my favorite locations that you can choose to celebrate your love in the most unforgettable way! Wedding Videographer Thailand

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Hiring a destination wedding videographer in Thailand

The main reason why I became a destination wedding videographer in Thailand is because of the beauty of these lands, the incredible landscapes, and the views that embellish my cinematic videos. Quite honestly, filming weddings in this oasis is an experience that cannot be lived anywhere else. Booking a destination videographer instead of a local will give an artful touch to your visual heirloom. Locals are used to seeing this unique beauty all the time, while a professional would relish in every detail presented, masterfully including it in your love story.

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In the northern part of Thailand, you can immerse yourself in a spiritual yet luxurious nuptial experience. The city Chiang Mai will be an ideal host for couples who seek to explore many features of these lands – the mountainous landscape, the history, the urban chic, and the serene escapes that can serve to be your ceremony spots.



The ultimate beach and island destination land! Getting married in Thailand often means choosing a relaxing resort on the beach and throwing your guests an exquisite party with the most delicious cocktails. I would always recommend avoiding Phuket since it is overcrowded, however there are several islands & beaches to consider besides Koh Samui and Koh Phi Phi: Krabi, Ko Pha Ngan, and Pattaya City beaches.

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The city Pai is fastly becoming a popular destination for wild romantic souls who want to wish to tie the knot somewhere more intimate. The unrivaled nature and views from this location will adorn your wedding most wonderfully. However, there are some urban spots that channel the grandeur of nature even if situated in Bangkok! An incredible venue to book if you want a mix of nature and urban is the Rathkaew Authentic Thai Restaurant.



Bangkok will always be my number one choice for having a taste of the urban charm and street life of Thailand. For the urban lovers, consider booking your celebration in the Hotel Once or in the Compass Sky View – which has exquisite city views that are just perfect for wedding videography!

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Even though no one is fond of legalities, they are a necessity for getting married in Thailand. For your wedding ceremony to be legal, it first needs to be validated under Thai law. Therefore, it needs to be registered with the Registrar at an Amphur Office – or more commonly known District Office. Of course, all the documents need to be translated but I would definitely recommend a wedding planner or on-site wedding coordinator who can help you with any legalities. The other option is to get legally married in your own country or state, and then have a wedding reception in Thailand with a symbolic ceremony.



I must highlight the fact that this is going to be a long-flight wedding, thus accommodations and organized transport will be needed for your guests – especially for islands or mountainous areas. When booking your destination wedding in Thailand, I would also advise organizing refreshments and meals for when you arrive after such a long trip.

In order to have the best possible weather, host your celebration anywhere from November to May.

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Thailand is a country that never runs out of things to do or sites to see. Even laying on some beach for a whole day will prove to be a highlight. However, there are many sightseeing tours too – exotic nature tours, adventurous or even shopping tours depending on your location. Thailand features a plethora of historical places like gorgeous temples which are open for visitors and relaxing spa resorts that can do wonders pre or post-wedding.

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Dear couples, my name is Meryll de Gordon, English and French speaking. I’ve been in Thailand several times, and each time, it was an real unforgettable memory! Turquoise blue waters, breathtaking landscapes, smiling people, excellent food. It’s the perfect place for a cinematic wedding film.

As a destination wedding videographer Thailand in Bangkok, Krabi, Koh Samui, Chiang Mai and so many other destinations, I can tell you, you can’t be disappointed if you choose to get married in Thailand.

And if you’re up to an adventure session or an engagement session, I also do destination weddings in Italy, France, Spain, and Greece.

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