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I’m really happy to be chosen as the best wedding videographer France by important groups that focus on making videos. It means a lot to me because it shows how much I love what I do and how hard I work to make each video unique. Even if some weddings may seem similar, I believe that the most important part is the people and their stories, and that’s what makes a video special.

More than a decade ago, I began filming weddings. I noticed that many people used the same cameras and techniques, and had a similar style. So, as a best wedding videographer France I had to find a way to keep my job exciting and stay passionate about it. I wanted to wake up every day with the same enthusiasm for shooting weddings.

I realized that most wedding videos were missing something important: a real story. I worked really hard to learn how to create meaningful stories, and I started suggesting to my clients that we could include a story in their wedding videos. It wasn’t easy at first because some couples only wanted a simple wedding film. I had to convince them that by adding a story, they could have a much more emotional and meaningful video.

Storytellingis an Art

my goal is to combine it with wedding Films.

Now, most of my videos are a combination of real-life stories and videos that look like movies. Before I became a wedding videographer, I used to teach people for a big American company. I loved teaching so much that I started my own class called Narrative Wedding Workshops. In this workshop, I teach people how to tell stories through videos, whether they’re just starting out or have some experience. – Best Wedding Videographer France

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