An Elopement Wedding

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To elope, means literally to run away and to not come back to the point of origin.

An elopement wedding is when two lovers run off secretly to get married, most of the time abroad, with no guests.

Elopements have now become a trend, simply because couples want to take full control over their wedding day.
It is like a mini wedding, generally including the bride and groom, a witness, the photographer and the videographer. Of course you can invite other guests, but the less they are, the more intimate it is. Couples often need 2 or 4 hours of coverage: ceremony, lifestyle sessions, and portraits session.




_ Financially.

It is way cheaper than a traditional wedding. Less guests, and a smaller organisation. It all happens in the same place. You can focus on what is really important for you, like details, speeches, the place you get married.

_No obligation.

You can travel to a dream destination without paying for everyone. You can simply have your big moment without anyone else.

_Less planning stress.

Every decision is about what you want.

This moment is very special, you must consider having a photographer and a wedding videographer.

An elopement film is not just some couple of shots of you two kissing. It more than that. When I shoot and edit, I focus on storytelling, on who your are, what you say, and the love you share. To me it’s really important to put some humanity in my films, otherwise it’s just moving pictures.

Want something bigger than just an elopement wedding, a non traditional wedding ? Maybe an intimate wedding would suits you best.


Ready for your elopement wedding ? Whether you go abroad, far far way from home or in a tiny house in the south of France, I'm in !

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