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Congratulations, if she has already said, ‘yes.’ Getting married in Hong Kong is exciting, it’s a no brainer. And, so is picking the perfect wedding spot. Nestled in the natural wonders the cozy, and relaxing places in Hong Kong will ensure you have the intimate wedding you always wanted to. Visit Hong Kong to stoke the fire of your romance with your forever love – a place where you have the best exotic weddings to the lavish ones. Sounds great?!

Let’s face it. More than often, it is pretty hard to have your amorous feeling for your love (c’mon, we all have been there.) However, a romantic wedding in China at a lavish hotel can be pretty costly, and love hotels are unsavory to some. So, how does one can have an intimate private in a busy and packed city? From the secluded, intimate gardens to the magical Disneyland, we have the best nook and crannies for a perfect wedding snogfest, just make sure you read till the end.

While some people are a fan of luxurious and grand weddings with a long list of guests and elaborated decorations, others love to have intimate wedding nestled in natural beauty. The fact is there is always another side of the coin. A significant number of couples like to choose wedding destinations where mother nature has done some magic. With the heartbreaking views and the vast, spacious natural landscapes, you can take your destination to the next level in Hong Kong. If you are a fan of jaw-dropping beauty, then brace your because we have combined a long list of fantastic destinations for your dream wedding. As a destination wedding videographer, I travel the world to tell the stories of people who love each other, and I would be more than happy to be part of your big day! – Hong Kong Wedding Videographer.

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Destination wedding in Hong Kong


Apart from its dog-friendly market and the beach, there is much more to Discovery Bay. With its spacious floor-to-ceiling windows that welcome plenty of natural light, this waterfront venue guarantees you have a memorable wedding and capture spectacular Hong Kong wedding films. Take your wedding to the next level and hire a horse-drawn carriage to bring you to the chapel.

Getting married in Hong Kong is exciting, you can beat Grace Kelly. I bet!
Price: $38,888 for one-hour rental
Seating: 120



With its heartbreaking views, Hongkong is home to the world’s best rooftops. Just picture you two having your Hong Kong couple session with this beautiful background! Hongkongers love the rooftops, so do I. If rooftops with unbeatable panoramic harbor views excite you, why not get married at one? The Skyline Pavilion at Harbor Grand will give you an unbeatable panoramic harbor as you host a post-wedding cocktail party and exchange the vows. Apart from the enchanting views, this place has a ballroom that comes with special lightning that comes with more than 256 colors. Hong Kong Wedding Videographer.

Price: $728 (lunch banquet), and $998 (dinner banquet) per person
Seating: 120-150

Hong Kong Wedding venue planner


Doesn’t matter if you can’t afford to go to Disneyland – I mean the actual Disneyland. If that’s something relatable, I have the good news…. you still got an exciting option. Make your love last forever and walk down the aisle with your better half at the happiest place on earth. While you are in Hong Kong, you have the chance to make your childhood fantasies of having Disney movie-worthy wedding come true. Pick your favorite place from the three magical outdoor venues at the Hongkong Disneyland Hotel that includes a lush green Victorian-style garden with an artistically designed marquee arch and a three beautiful three princess-themed ballroom to host your banquet.

Nestled along the celestial shores of the South China Sea, Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel combines the magic of Disney with the splendor of a vintage seaside resort. Along with some modern amenities, it boasts stately accommodations with two themed pools and a Mickey maze. You will get a chance to meet your favorite Disney characters at this hotel.
Price:$2325.00 – $8500.08



Trust me, getting married in Hong Kong is an exciting idea. Surrounded by the fresh air and the palm trees, this secluded private outdoor lawn is the perfect destination for anyone who is looking for an intimate wedding ceremony. With plenty of banquet dinner parties to the cocktail receptions, this photogenic venue offers a range of wedding packages. Step out of the city bubble and kick-off married life at this secluded private outdoor venue – Hong Kong Wedding Videographer.

Price: Varies based on the case
Seating: 200

So what your plan about getting married in Hong Kong? If it’s yes, make sure you hire the best Asia wedding videographer to have the long-lasting memories that you will cherish during your 80s.

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