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Planning to get married in Italy ? Well, you’ve made the right choice ! The land of Romeo and Juliette, Pizzas and wine is so lovely. With a variety of beautiful locations, castles, lake villas, palaces, countryside venues, city venues, seaside venues, Italy will make you definitely happy.

So, why not choosing Tuscany ? If you like nature, you will be fully satisfied. Just picture yourself in the vineyards of a pretty château in this charmed land, wouldn’t it be great ?

Whether you are planning an urban wedding, a chic wedding, a vintage style, or a traditional country garden wedding, you will find out the atmosphere you like for this day to be memorable.

Speaking about memories, you will need to save these emotions for ever. If you like my work, I will truly love to join you and catch every emotions of this beautiful day. A wedding film is a living memory. To me, two things really make the difference when creating a wedding film : audio and storytelling. Telling who you are, how you love each other, how you have fun with your friends. Shooting a wedding is not just a matter of “shooting what happens”, it’s more shooting who you are.




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