Videographer Jewish Wedding


Here is their wedding film

Audrey and David met on the flight that led them to Bangkok 10 years ago. A first glance, and their world rocked. They met again at the end of their respective holidays just before flying back to France. Audrey and David have chosen to reunite their families and friends in the sublime Domaine de sainte-Colombe in Saint-Gilles, 20 Minutes from Nîmes, France. Their wedding film reflects the crazy atmosphere of this long weekend of May. Their wedding lasted 3 days, mixing Jewish and Catholic traditions.

Saturday : Afternoon by the swimming pool + Thaï welcome meal + Evening party
Sunday : Volleyball match + Lunch by the pool + Preparations + Jewish/Catholic Ceremony + Cocktail + Dinner and dance + After party
Monday : Brunch + departure of guests

“I N   T H E   P L A N E   T O   B A N G K O K”


(Music Licensed)

Venue: Domaine sainte Colombe, Saint Gilles
Caterer: Francis et Chantal Fesquet
Photo: Alex Tome
Video: Gordon Wedding Films
Music Band: AirPlay
Planner: Marion Moulin