As a passionate wedding videographer, I find my inspiration in human connections every day. I love to travel as far as I can, and there is always something magical about sharing moments with new people in unfamiliar countries! It is something that creates a strong connection and inevitably unforgettable memories. I truly loved getting to see these amazing places and people through my camera with fresh eyes, especially when I shoot weddings.

      If you want something different, just break the rules. Go get married abroad in a place that really means something to you! Whether you are planning your wedding, an elopement, a romantic trip, or just a couple session, send me a message. I’m always ready to jump on a plane !

      Here are my wedding videography travel locations for 2020 so far.

      wedding videographer thailand


      COSTA RICA | January
      SWITZERLAND | March
      FRANCE |  May
      FRANCE | June
      THAILAND | August


      FRANCE  |  April
      ITALY – FRANCE  |  June
      SPAIN | August
      MOROCCO – FRANCE – ITALY |  September
      ITALY – FRANCE  |  October
      THAILAND  |  November


      FRANCE | May
      CORSICA – USA – FRANCE  |  June
      SPAIN – FRANCE  |  July & August
      MOROCCO, FRANCE  |  September

      Here are just a few bucket list locations where I would love to shoot weddings :

      Mongolia, Vietnam, Australia, Japan, Cuba, Ecuador, Sri Lanka.


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