Being a wedding videographer is telling a story about people who love each other

      Latest wedding films

      Here are a couple of my most recent wedding films. Each of these unique films tells a story with a beginning and an end, and in all my films there are two heroes and all of their friends.

      Getting married aborad, an original wedding, a reception in an idyllic castle, it all makes you day dream, so let’s share these beautiful well lived moments together.



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      HOLLIE & MONJU | South West, France


      INTO YOUR EYES | Beldi Country Club, Marrakech


      SAMANTHA & ADRIEN | Manhattan, New-York


      AUDREY & DAVID | Petite Camargue, France


      TAMARA & AREF | Marbella, Spain


      MORGANE & CLAUDE | Villa Cipiniello, Corsica


      ROSE & BORIS | Lyon, France


      JOSÉPHINE & ADRIEN | Paris, France


      MARINE & JEROME | Tarbes, France


      CHANTAL & CIMON | West France


      DEBORAH & ALEXANDER | Vosges, France


      LAURIE & ERWAN | Lyon, France


      ANGELIQUE & MICHAEL | Ain, France


      JULIA & BENJAMIN | French Riviera


      AMANDINE & CHRISTOPHER | Chambery, France



      The Journal


      Years after, most couples describe their weddings as a crazy adventure, but also as a slow fading memory. The gift of a wedding movie, is the opportunity to preserve that which no other service offers, to keep your memories alive. Your special day deserves to never fade into memories past.

      Every couple has their story, each story it’s own movie and each movie is unique!


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