“Details matter, it’s worth waiting to get it right.” | Steve Jobs


      The relationship I build with couples is very important. I always meet them before, they confide in me, talk to me about what is important to their lives. Often, we become friends, we contact each other or meet again years later. Knowing them personally allows me to understand how to film them and deliver a unique work true to their colours. All my wedding films are edited cheerfully, full of emotions, using artistic techniques that make them inspiring and different every time. I always look for new sources of inspiration – sometimes in the least expected and unusual places – to create my own style, lighting, framing, in order to make each of my films what they are today. I love to travel, to discover new cultures, new atmospheres, to capture the life around and to tell these stories through images and music.


      I don’t charge an hourly rate because the way I shoot is not conventional. My films are not linear or edited on the spot.I truly love to get to know the married couple, their history, who they are, what their ambitions are. I get all my research done on the wedding location and work alongside with the wedding planner and vendors beforehand. I come early on the big day, to take in the surroundings, the mood, the atmosphere, to guide my inspiration. I pay attention to everything and everyone throughout the day and I picture the finished product as I am filming. I then return home to write down the story of their movie, since we are telling a story after all, the video editing comes after. I strip down all my rushes, listen to every word, find every clue that can help guide the story through the editing.

      As a musicien at heart, I give a lot of emphasis to the music. I go though hundreds of songs to find the perfect tune that fits best the story I’m telling.

      Since perfection is found in the details, I try and retry and then try again when I put scenes together until the movie is perfect. I work as an artisan and I pay meticulous attention to my craft.


      I am not on the hunt for filming every possible wedding, I would rather work with wedding couples that like my work, and my philosophy. I choose to cover a limited amount of weddings each year, focusing on quality over quantity. A movie has a beginning and an end. To see it through I am present from the preparations to the late night festivities. I enjoy myself as much, if not more, when sharing the eve of the wedding, and the first day as newly weds. They are days full of emotions that deserve to have their story told in the movie.

      There you have it, you now know everything. Well that’s not entirely true, but why not share the rest around a hot beverage ?


      A Wedding In Marrakech

      Today I’m happy to share with you the film of these two New-York lovers who came to celebrate their wedding in Marrakech. 3 days spent into wonderful places, with great people, phones disconnected and far from everything. A welcome dinner at “La Pause” in the dry lands of the Agafay Mountains, a dinner cocktail in a Riad in the heart of the Medina of Marrakech and finally a ceremony celebrated under a greenhouse followed by an evening party at the Beldi Country Club [...]

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